Artemisa – Contemporary Latin American Art

Gallery Booth Number 316. ArtHamptons 2013.

Phone (646) 420-4955

Isabel Peña, Rayuela
Isabel Peña, Rayuela, 2011, 34.5×41.3 in, mixed media on parchment paper.

354 West End Avenue
New York, NY 10024
United States

Gallery Staff:
Vanina Waizmann
Director – Partner

Mariana de Diego Broda
Director – Partner

Gallery Description:
Artemisa Gallery is a unique platform for contemporary Latin American Art in the United States. Based in New York City and co-founded by Mariana de Diego Broda and Vanina Waizmann, Artemisa represents a meticulously curated selection of Latin American artists across a wide array of art genres – sculpture, painting, drawing, mixed media, video and installation.

Building on their flair for collecting art, these two Latin American women bring a fresh and knowledgeable approach to better the understanding of Latin American Art.

Artists Represented:
Artemisa represents extremely talented and creative artists that include Luis Wells, Cristian Segura, Julio Alan Lepez, Miriam Peralta, Floria González, Martín Pelenur, Santiago Espeche, Pajaro Gomez, Isabel Peña, Matías Waizmann, Martín Palottini, Santiago García Pilotto, Claudio Vera Coelho, Alejandro Thornton and Martín Reyna.