Cuban Art Today

Ariamna Cantino, Galeria Habana

Saturday, June 25
3:30 pm | VIP Lounge

The societal, cultural, and economic changes in and out of Cuba during the last couple of decades have visibly affected the art produced in this Caribbean country. Carole Rosenberg, President, American Friends of Ludwig Foundation of Cuba, Luis Miret, gallery director, Galeria Habana, and Tonel, artist, critic, and curator, will describe and discuss important segments of Cuban art “of the moment”, as we move further into the second decade of the twenty-first century. The panelists will address role of the art market and of local and foreign collectors, as well as the globalized situation in which Cuban art participates today. The works and artists that will be covered are essential to Havana’s current, dynamic art scene.

Presented in conjunction with the Special Exhibit ARTCHIPELAGO: Because Every Artist is an Island, presented at Art Hamptons by Galeria Habana