GAGA Gallery

Gallery Booth Number 417. ArtHamptons 2013.

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Chang Hoon Woo, Conscious particles(의식입자)
Chang Hoon Woo, Conscious particles(의식입자), 91cmx60.6cm, Oil on Canvas, 2012

181-1, Insadong Jongno GU
Seoul 110-290
South Korea

Gallery Staff:
Director: Cho Ki Hyun

Gallery Description:
Gaga Gallery, which opened in 2008, the art cultural center of Seoul, Insadong is located at the crossroads of the main Contemporary Art Exhibition, Invitational Exhibition of Art program-oriented, and tries to communicate with the public through Inform contemporary art in Korea, depending on the era of globalization, the party major international art fairs of Germany, the United States, Singapore, Hong Kong has participated.

Artists Represented:
Hea Sook Yoo, Kyung Lim Lee, Jeong Nam Kim, Andre Cho, Yeon-ok Kim, Gum-sun Yang, Rose Kyungyun Kong