Hwang Gallery

Gallery Booth Number 207. ArtHamptons 2015.

Phone (212) 225-8400

Jessica Pi-Hua Hsu, The Magic of Birth, 2011 mixed media on canvas, 51 x 38"
Jessica Pi-Hua Hsu, The Magic of Birth, 2011 mixed media on canvas, 51 x 38″

39-10 Main St., Suite 303
Flushing, NY 11354
United States

Gallery Staff:
John Hwang, Principal; Iris Hung, Administrative Assistant; B.J. Ho, Editorial Assistant

Gallery Description:
Hwang Gallery is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization (NYS approved, pending federal approval) that seeks to promote artists and foster intellectual exchanges between artists and art lovers. We aspire to serve as a platform that introduces Asian artists to the Western world, and Western artists to Asian domains. Our gallery focuses on solo exhibitions and academic seminars that address subjects of art and music. Our hope is to inspire and encourage the growth of contemporary artistic communities around the world through our select choice of exhibitions. While our core group of artists currently consists of Asian and Asian-American artists, we are looking to expand our roster to include artists from all around the world.

We form long-term commitments to promote our represented artists. Our relationship with our artists is thus one of intimate partnership, one informed by both familiarity and trust.

Artists Represented:
Jessica Pi-Hua Hsu, Pi-Chou Cheng, Shien-Mao Lin, Feng Zhang