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Gallery Booth Number 123. ArtHamptons 2014.

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Ramon Lombarte "Balustrade" 20 x 50 CM 2014
Ramon Lombarte “Balustrade” 20 x 50 CM 2014

29 Newbury Street
Boston, MA 02116
United States

Gallery Staff:
Elizabeth Alch Novick, Director
Robin G. Parrella, Owner
Anthony Parrella, Owner

Gallery Description:
Founded in 1984, Newbury Fine Arts remains one of the premier galleries in Boston for the quality and diversity of the art exhibited. The gallery is passionately committed to representing early and mid-career American and International artists who have been selected for their masterful technique and individual concept. Both figurative and landscape artists balance the line between representation and abstraction within their unique styles. Simply put, our mission is to keep it interesting for our artists and patrons alike while maintaining an exceptional level of quality.

Artists Represented:
Hamilton Aguiar, Greg Calibey, Charles Dwyer, Liz Gribin, Peregrine Heathcote, France Jodoin, Odile Kinart, Ramon Lombarte, and Virginia Peck